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Russian Master piece!

Its design is characterized by its sleek and pronounced lines, making it undeniably distinctive. Crafted from stainless materials and featuring a water-resistant magnetic hose connector, the hookah promises both longevity and convenience. Intricate engravings on the tray and overlay enhance its visual allure. Every model in the Racing series tells a story, with the drawing inspiration from Japanese nocturnal racing cultures. Its purge system, reminiscent of an exhaust pipe, complements the overall theme of the model beautifully.

The model is completely collapsible. For compactness and convenience of washing, the central part of the shaft is collapsible

The hose connector uses a unique magnetic mount to keep out moisture and molasses. As a result, the magnet does not corrode and will not require a replacement over time.


All parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials:

  • Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • High-quality polyacetal
  • Heat-resistant paints and finishings

Unique Technical Properties

Hookah lovers and their regular fans prefer El Bomber, noting the extraordinary design, and unique “straight” and “dense” draft.

Such properties were archived due to the design and well-chosen flow sections.

*Please Note:- The El Bomber Midnight Hookahs comes with Russian glass base


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